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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Supermarket to the Software
A regular reader of my blog (yes, there is at least one) pointed out an interesting perspective on MDA that I have to share. While in general agreement with the statements in my "Software Suburbia" post, he pointed that rather than MDB, perhaps we should consider ADM.

MDB, in that context, refers to Model Driven Business. ADM refers to Architecture Driven Modelling. The difference between ADM and MDA, I think, is clear, but worthy of some discussion.

ADM is more pattern based. It relies on some of the underlying assumptions in the "Software Suburbia" post to refocus design and development efforts toward integration of the various underlying component architectures into the functional requirements of the system.

This, it seems, is the way software development is going to have to proceed to adapt to the new level of abstraction. Rather than trying to figure out how to IMPLEMENT the architectural requirements, we attempt to identify COTS components with well aligned, or realignable, architectural aspects that correspond to our needs. The realignment aspect is where the patterns come into play.

What are the patterns that govern this realignment? That's a question worthy of more thought....
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